Whenever I encounter some military rank or insignia in books or in movies, I'm invariably curios where the person holding them stands within the military organisation and what his or her relationship might be to others. So I did this to help me with that...

Category NATO code US Army RO Army RO Gendarmerie
Abbr. Title Insignia Title Insignia Title Insignia
General officers OF-10 GA General of the Army Maresal   Maresal  
OF-9 GEN General General General
OF-8 LTG Lieutenant General General-locotenent General-locotenent
OF-7 MG Major General General-maior General-maior
OF-6 BG Brigadier General General de brigada General de brigada
Field and company officers OF-5 COL Colonel Colonel Colonel
OF-4 LTC Lieutenant Colonel Locotenent-colonel Locotenent-colonel
OF-3 MAJ Major Maior Maior
OF-2 CPT Captain Capitan Capitan
OF-1 1LT Lieutenant Locotenent Locotenent
2LT Second Lieutenant Sublocotenent Sublocotenent
Warrant officers WO-5 CW5 Chief Warrant Officer 5 Maistru militar principal    
WO-4 CW4 Chief Warrant Officer 4 Maistru militar clasa I    
WO-3 CW3 Chief Warrant Officer 3 Maistru militar clasa a II-a    
WO-2 CW2 Chief Warrant Officer 2 Maistru militar clasa a III-a    
WO-1 WO1 Warrant Officer 1 Maistru militar clasa a IV-a    
Enlisted Personnel OR-9 SMA Sergeant Major of the Army        
CSM Command Sergeant Major        
SGM Sergeant Major Plutonier adjutant principal Plutonier adjutant sef
OR-8 1SG First Sergeant        
MSG Master Sergeant Plutonier adjutant Plutonier adjutant
OR-7 SFC Sergeant First Class Plutonier-major Plutonier-major
OR-6       Plutonier Plutonier
SSG Staff Sergeant Sergent-major Sergent-major
OR-5 SGT Sergeant Sergent Sergent
OR-4       Caporal clasa I    
      Caporal clasa a II-a    
CPL Corporal Caporal clasa a III-a Caporal
SPC Specialist        
OR-3 PFC Private First Class Fruntas Fruntas
OR-2 PV2/PVT Private        
OR-1 PV1/PVT Private   Soldat Jandarm